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Rocket League Rumble Mode Adds Grappling Hooks

Rocket League new Rumble mode looks like a lark: it adds a selection of new powerups including a grappling hook, a tornado, a freezer weapon and more. It's due for release in September and there's a pleasingly silly trailer below.

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Psyonix have done a cracking job so far of not letting Rocket League calcify into a game for the hardcore, by continuing to add modes which undermine pure skill with extra japes. Basketball modes, hockey modes, and now this mode in which you can kick your opponents using extendable boots, hold the ball aloft with a portable tornado, or use a plunger to pull the ball towards you. There's also the Disruptor, which forces an opponent to drive uncontrollably; the Freezer which freezes the ball in place; the haymaker which punches the ball with a extend-o-boxing glove; the Magnetizer which pulls the ball toward you; and the grappling hook which pulls you towards the ball.

The new mode was announced during the finale of the Rocket League Championship Series, the game's first official esports tournament designed to cater to that high-level competitive play. I won't spoil who won but you can watch the archived final on Twitch.

Rocket League Rumble is due for release in September.

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