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Rockin' action battler No Straight Roads launches in August

Looking for treble

The RPS crew have been eagerly following music-based action battler No Straight Roads for a while now. Alice L (RPS in pieces) talked with Metronomik at EGX Rezzed last year and resident Final Fantasy liker Katharine has been chomping to find out more about what Final Fantasy XV's lead game designer would be doing next. You can get your hands on a playable demo right now before No Straight Roads launches on August 25th.

Rocker protagonists Mayday and Zuke are on mission to save Vinyl City by taking over concerts by the corrupt EDM empire No Straight Roads. They'll take on big bosses of various musical genres, pitting their rock rhythms against other styles. You can get a gander at Mayday and Zuke's battle of the bands in the new trailer below.

I'm not sure how opinion will break down here, but one of the coolest bits of NSR to me is that it's got a beat to play to but isn't actually a rhythm game. Motronomik have said they want you to "get the excitement of a rhythm game but without the pressure of following the beat."

I love watching folks play rhythm games and seeing everything work to a beat but I've not been no good at them since my long gone days of Dance Dance Revolution. A game that works with a beat I'm meant to understand but am not forced to perform to seems perfect.

Whether you're in the same camp or a rhythm game pro, you can try out No Straight Roads in a free demo. The Mother & Child Demo takes you through NSR's first boss fight.

No Straight Roads will release on August 25th over on the Epic Games Store.

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