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Roguebook's first free game update will add new cards in the Gem Mines

Dig deeper for the shiniest cards

Deck-building game Roguebook is enjoyable enough that Nate stopped playing Hearthstone long enough to tell you so in his Roguebook review. The Slay The Spire-alike designed by Richard Garfield of Magic: The Gathering fame brings some swell extra twists to the roguedecklikebuilder genre. After launching last month, it's already teasing its first free game update coming soon with new battles, cards, and and more. You can spot the trailer for that, and its most recent patch notes, down here.

Roguebook showed up to yesterday's Nacon Connect with a short teaser for an upcoming free update called the Gem Mines update. "How deep will you venture into the mines for those wonderful Gems," Nacon say. "The further you go, the greater the reward... but also the greater risk!" You can snag a look at it down here in the trailer.

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Although there's no release date just yet on the Gem Mines update, Abrakam Entertainment have been working on other tweaks and fixes. The most recent patch for Roguebook landed just yesterday, bringing balance changes to some characters and "toning down some of the more ridiculous combos in the game" they explain in their patch notes.

If you'd not taken a crack at Roguebook just yet, Nate makes a good case for it as a standout among its peers in his review.

"There are two big factors which set Roguebook out as a winner for me," Nate says. "The first is that, on each run, you control a duo of heroes chosen from a roster of four. Each has their own library of cards, reminiscent of the tribal system from Monster Train, but with way more emphasis on the way you blend the flavours during play. Some cards get cheaper after you play another hero's, for example, while others offer benefits if they're played from a hand comprising only their stablemates."

The Gem Mines update doesn't have an announced release date yet, but it is "coming soon," the developers say.

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