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Röki devs' Greek god friend 'em up Mythwrecked arrives summer 2024

Come look at its lovely new trailer

A close up of hero Alex looking shocked on a beach in Mythwrecked: Ambrosia Island
Image credit: Whitethorn Games

Non-linear friend ‘em up Mythwrecked: Ambrosia Island is now coming out next summer after a slight delay, and the team have debuted a new trailer to mark the news. Mythwrecked comes from Polygon Treehouse, the studio behind 2020’s gorgeous adventure Röki, only this time the Norse mythology has been switched for some Greek dressing, and the snow has all melted away into sand. Come take a look at the friendly/ethereal/hot deities below.

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The game puts you in the shoes of backpacker Alex who’s washed up on the summery shores of the titular island. The twist? Alex isn’t in any danger whatsoever. In fact, she’s surrounded by perfectly nice Greek gods, although none of them can remember much, least of all who they are. To be fair, the Greek pantheon - including Ares, Hermes, Hades, Athena, and more - all look drastically different here. So I don’t blame them for forgetting themselves.

Regardless, to get back home, you’ll need to poke around the island in search of memory-nudging treasures and befriend the gods, hoping that they’ll use their power to help you in return. True to the genre of making-friend-simulators, sensitive or triggering conversations might be off-limit to you until you gain everyone’s trust. A handy Pokéde- sorry- Ambrosidex helps you keep track of all your new mates, though, while offering useful tools like a radar.

Some of us already played Mythwrecked’s various demos from LudoNarraCon and such - including our Rachel if you want to find out more about what she thought. The RPS Pantheon also had great things to say about the studio’s last island outing, Röki, as it made it onto our 2020 Game Of The Year list. “Like all great folklore stories, there is a quiet devastation lurking beneath Röki's picturebook world,” Katharine wrote in our Röki review, “elevating this mythic tale of gods and monsters into the pantheon of all-time adventure game greats.” I now have a sneaking suspicion that Mythwrecked’s summer getaway won’t leave me with dry eyes.

You can wishlist Mythwrecked: Ambrosia Island on Steam.

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