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Rolling Out Today: Drums Of War

Pa rum pum pum pum

The last time I mentioned hex-based tactic 'em up Drums Of War, beta signups had opened. We now return to the heavily interactive and changeable battlefields as the game is released on the Slitherine store. Previous comment thread discussion focused on such noble instruments as the Alphorns of Animosity and Sousaphones of Siege, but twig_reads, an RPS commenter and transcriber of trees, refused to join in the the musical merriment and instead chipped in with, "This looks a bit like Battle For Wesnoth". twig_reads is correct. The main difference, in my experience, is that open source Wesnoth doesn't have the same focus on destructible map elements. There are so many campaigns and modules for BoW that it's impossible to generalise, but Drums of War places a stronger emphasis on skirmishes, often won by timely use of unique abilities.

I can't find a trailer but I do have a feature list. Pretend it has some swooshy cinematic scenes in the middle that tell you nothing about the game.

Immerse yourself in the world of Drums of War by playing through 2 full campaigns spanning 30 missions each.
Customize your army by training and equipping your troops as you see fit.
Use magic, special abilities, potions and legendary artefacts to aid allies and attack enemies.
Command or fight soldiers from 4 available races, each with their own classes and fighting styles.
Meet, ally and fight over 50 unique characters.
Use the environment to your advantage and alter the terrain to ensure victory.
Assault castles with siege ladders and catapults.
Create your own campaigns with the powerful campaign editor.
Challenge your friends or rivals in the hotseat multiplayer mode.

Drums Of Death, y'all. And, yes, I linked to that last time as well. I don't know anything else about drums.

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