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Royal Crumble: Stronghold: Crusader 2 Trailer

Time to take it down a notch at RPS towers. It's been an exciting day, full of violence, murder, ghosts, and terrifying screams coming from the basement. What we need is something more sedate. We need castles and strategy, deserts and caliphs. And while those things can be exciting, the Stronghold Crusader 2 trailer is like a relaxing warm bath, showing off the castle building and castle sacking to a tune that melted my brain. Trailer and info below.

No amount of tag checking seems to bring this up in the system, so it looks like this is news to RPS. The classic castle builder's stock has dropped in recent years thanks to a run of middling Stronghold titles, but developers Firefly Studios are aiming to rediscover the spark that makes people go glassy eyed and start telling you about their crenelations. And in this game, you might not be able to stop them: the co-op modes allows players to share castles, and fight off other teams of castle-sharers. It has voice chat.

The team are putting it together without a publisher, instead they're hoping to use Gambitious to crowd-fund the game. Here's the trailer. For a game with so many units fighting on screen, it really did nearly send me to sleep. It's like a brain massage.

Cover image for YouTube video

Things sure picked up when the catapults arrived, eh? Was it me, or could you make out individual bricks crumbling away? I cringed at the accents, though. They're worryingly stereotypical. Still, with a release date for early 2014, that could change. I really hope so.

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