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RPS are partnering up with the Rezzed Zone at EGX 2023

We'll be curating great games, hosting panels and highlighting the best of EGX

The Rezzed Zone logo for EGX 2023, which is partnered with Rock Paper Shotgun
Image credit: Reedpop UK

Frequent EGX goers will know that the Rezzed Zone has always been home to the best and most interesting games at the UK’s biggest gaming show, and RPS will be there on the ground this year, highlighting our favourites, bringing you various audio visual delights and more across the course of the weekend.

EGX 2023 runs from October 12th - 15th at London’s Excel this year, and RPS supporters can get 50% off Early Entry tickets (which is on top of the current 10% off discount available until July 7th for everyone else, I might add). Keen to hear more about exactly what we’ll be getting up to? Read on below for all the details.

As the partner for the EGX Rezzed Zone this year, we’ll be stepping up our usual coverage of the show by bringing you lots more previews of our favourite games. We’ll also be selecting our personal bestest bests and bestowing them with special RPS Pick plaques to display on their stands telling show-goers exactly why it deserves their attention.

Our vid bud Liam will also be there with his camera and microphone taking a fresh look at RPS’ Future Of Play booth, which returns yet again this year to exhibit the best new games in the custom controller space. And yes, before you ask, we are making every effort to get the curvy pool table back again this year. We know how much you loved it last time. And if you’re new to the world of Alt Ctrl, you can see exactly what Liam and hardware editor James got up to there last year in the video below.

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RPS will also hosting panels live on stage, so you’ll not only get to read our good words in the Rezzed Zone, but also see us in all our fleshy glory. We're also going to be holding an ice cream social event, too, which will be open to everyone. We’ve long felt that IRL catch-ups shouldn’t always have to revolve around alcohol in this day and age, so we thought, well, why not ice cream instead? We think that’s way more fun, and we hope you do, too. Exact details (and flavours/dietary options) are still being ironed out at the moment, but we’ll be getting as many indie developers there as we can as well, and RPS supporters will be able to get a special treat*, too (*probably a free ice cream).

Our very own deputy editor Alice Bee will also be holding a series of chill fireside chats at EGX this year called You Had To Be There. They won’t be livestreamed, filmed or recorded in any way, so the only way to find out what they are is to be there in person. What I can tell you about them, though, is that they’ll be informal, one to one talks with developers in a lo-fi setting – we’re trying to get beanbags instead of chairs to make it extra casual, but whatever it is it will be comfy, cosy and won’t numb your backside.

We’ll have more to announce over the coming months, too, including what games will be in the Rezzed Zone, the details of our ice cream social, and exactly which panels you’ll be able to catch us at.

Tickets for EGX are on sale now, and as mentioned above, RPS supporters can get 50% off Early Entry tickets, too. All you need to do to claim your discount code is go into your Reedpop ID Settings menu (accessible from the RPS homepage) and head to the Codes tab to claim your code. Then it’s just a matter of applying that code at checkout when you buy your Early Entry ticket on the EGX website.

Hope to see you there!

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