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RPS Asks: Blendoku-a-likes you know and love?

Gradient fun

Hello RPS hive-friends. Help a girl out, would you? I have pretty much mined out the colour-picking puzzle games Blendoku and Blendoku 2 [official site] on my mobile telephone and I'm trying to find another title to scratch that itch, preferably on PC so I can pass it off as "work"!

Blendoku and its sequel work by having you place coloured tiles to form gradients across a grid. It starts off with straightforward things like red blending to yellow via some different orangey tiles but then you end up with far more subtle puzzles which rely on you figuring out whether a purple-y grey tile is a bit greener than another purple-y grey tile. It reminded me of the colour picker challenges which sometimes rear their heads and spread over social media for a moment - you get a lot of tiles of one colour and have to identify the one which is a slightly different shade.

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Picking out colour is something I find intensely pleasurable and I'm also pretty good at it so these puzzles have been delightful. There are a couple of similar games on phone but they tend to be far easier, more about relaxation or fidgeting than puzzling. They also tend to gate your progress in a far more aggressive way, forcing you to watch ads or pay if you want to unlock more puzzles. On PC the selection seems limited to a few truly lacklustre projects on free sites, the colour picker games, and the emulators which would let me play Blendoku again but on PC.

I'm not interested in tile-matching without the colour gradient mechanic (not for the purposes of this post, anyway), so this isn't about seeking out tile puzzles or even other types of colour matching game. I specifically want to know if anyone has seen any Blendoku-likes on their PC travels! I'm dangerously close to perfect scores and better-than-world-average timings on every Blendoku 2 puzzle and I can only spin this out so long...

See also: Color Picker and Color. I can't click those links because I can't be trusted. I'm not actually kidding.

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