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RPS is hiring! Come work with us on videos and hardware

Those are different things

When we announced that we'd been acquired by Gamer Network earlier this month, we mentioned that this gave us the resources to do things we'd been wanting to do for a long time. Some of those things are happening right now. We're hiring new people, including a hardware editor and video producer/presenters.

Hardware has been a part of RPS since nearly the beginning, and we want to expand our coverage of hardware news, reviews and guides. Importantly, we want to continue doing all of those things in the same style we always have, with a focus less on graphs and meaningless numbers and more on tangible differences and to-the-point advice for people who just want to play games. The job listing above has more details.

Video is something we experimented with a couple of years ago, but we could only dip our toe in the water via freelancers. Still, we like what we made, and we want to do more videos like Cogwatch and Fail Forward. We're hoping to hire a team of new people to do that and to help us define exactly what else RPS can be when there's moving pictures. We're casting the net wide, too, so don't worry if you don't already make videos for a living. Again, there are more details in the job listing above.

Does doing video mean that we're going to be posting fewer written articles to the site? No. We're hiring new people because we want to do video as well as and not instead of our current work.

We want to grow RPS, to do more and be better, but we want to do those things with the same spirit we always have. If you think you can help, get in touch via the listings. And if you have more questions, drop them below.

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