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RPS makes interactive maps now

Check out our first map on Sons Of The Forest

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Since time immemorial (alright, 2 years ago), Alice0 has been on a grand journey to discover the best thing in videogames. She could've just come and asked me. The best thing in video games is clearly the maps. Interactive maps, to be specific. Or rather, our interactive maps.

Yes, glorious people. Rock Paper Shotgun and its sister sites within the network now do interactive maps. It's something that I've been after for years now, and it's finally here, and it's working, and it's beautiful. I'm giddy.

Take a look below at our very first interactive map for Sons Of The Forest, pieced together by myself and James from VG247, and populated with over 500 markers on everything from Keycard locations to chicory plants.

Expand map

For those who aren't familiar with interactive maps, it's pretty much Google Maps but for game worlds. You can pan around the map, zoom in and out, and toggle different pins on and off so you can find exactly what you're looking for in mere zeptoseconds.

You can view the map in fullscreen too, if you like. And it works on both desktop and mobile, so everyone on any platform can zoom in and appreciate my painstakingly crafted moose icon the hard work we put into this new tool for the playerbase.

This is just the beginning, fellow cartographers. What you see above is just the first iteration of our interactive map tool, and we're already bugging the absolute stars in our tech team with ideas for new features and quality of life changes that'll make these maps easier to use for both you and us.

Feedback is very much welcome in the comments below. We want to make our sites the best source for interactive maps, so tell us everything we need to get there.

In short: expect our guides to contain many more interactive maps than the approximately zero that we had before, particularly for big open-world game releases. Starfield, we're coming for you.

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