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After being delayed, Rune 2 finally has its release date

It's been a heck of a ride for Rune 2 this past year. So far the game has been renamed, moved over to the Epic Games Store, and delayed from its original summertime release date. Ah, but today is a new day, friends. Human Head Studios, the game developer I keep having to remind myself isn't a bit from Community, has announced its Hot Viking Action RPG will finally be out November 12.

Once known as Rune: Ragnarok, Rune 2 tells the story of beefy bearded godmen and their axes. In the latest trailer we get an eyeful of Odin, Thor, and Hel, that crazy trio of Old Norse gods who are always up to no good. Once you declare your allegiance to your favourite deity (personally, I'm partial to Chris Hemsworth's Lebowski Thor, but whatever) you'll begin your all-out rampage against Loki, who's out trying to destroy Midgard like a jerk.

It's largely a matter of hitting everything you see in the skull with whatever is at hand, either solo or in online co-op. But Rune 2 is also about collecting resources, discovering godly artifacts and crafting stuff.

Human Head are planning to release a multiplayer demo through the Epic store at some point, but for now it's just looking at an open beta test for its deathmatch and team deathmatch modes which is slated to start up September 20.

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