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Turn Based Local Multiplayer Space Archery: Sagittarius


Curving arrows through the gravitational fields of planetoids to peg my mate in the face, I am delighted with Sagittarius [official site]. It's a free game of turn-based archery for 2-5 local players, and it is tricky. Move around the surface of your sphere with the arrow keys, click and drag the mouse to aim and draw back, then hope that your shot will find its way through gravity's ripples to an enemy. Or laugh as it wibbles, wobbles, and somehow ends up a metre from where you fired it. Did you remember to pick a safe spot to wait out your pal's turn?

That's it. Find trajectories through gravity fields and try to murder your mates. What more could you want? It is a pleasant thing.

I really enjoy playing in the gravity of diddy planets, especially when the view stays static so you're running upside-down. It's an awfully playful and fun idea. I've written (and videoed) before about scampering about planets, playing with aliens, and leaping and dancing and looping around in Planeter, which I think you might like too. I do.

Creator George Prosser has released Sagittarius free to download for Windows, Mac, and Linux from Itch. I apologise for the sloppy resizing of Prosser's animated gif, but check out this trick shot:

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