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Saints Row's first major update is out in November, and it's one big bug hunt

Volition say they’re sorting out more than 200 bugs

The Saints Row reboot sees its first major update next month, but don’t expect any new stuff in Santo Ileso to play around with. Devs Volition insist this one’s just concentrating on hunting down and squashing the game’s many bugs. As we noted when it was released in August, Saints Row has rather a few technical issues. While Volition say this means they’re not at the stage where they can be “talking about roadmaps and expansions”, they are at least releasing a free cosmetic pack this week that includes some boots that look like bananas.

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Alice Bee shares her favourite thing about Saints Rows' Santo Ileso.

The game’s first major update is scheduled for late November, and Volition hope to pack in more than 200 bug fixes. They’re concentrating on making Saints Row more stable, along with zhuzhing up its challenges and co-op. “We are supporting Saints Row for the long-term,” Volition said in a blog post. “But there’s a lot more we want to do, and right now our development priority is delivering improvements over new features.”

November’s update will also apply some quality of life changes and add new features to Saints Row, with Volition saying that there are plans to continue adding features beyond that with input from player feedback. To start with, these changes include less repetition in activities, more rewarding challenges, better vehicle management, and improved rumble for controllers. If that all sounds a bit dull then Volition are promising paid story expansions in 2023, along with free updates with new areas for Santo Ileso.

Alice Bee did have some fun with the game for her Saints Row review, but felt it was all a bit meh. “It's easy to find that it's 1am and you've been playing Saints Row for 8 hours without pause. It's just that most of it then slides noiselessly off your hippocampus, indistinguishable from a kind of ur-gaming experience,” she said. “It's not exactly Saints Row, but it's not exactly its own thing either.”

Saints Row is on the Epic Games Store for £50/$60. You can read the full details of the game’s autumn update here.

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