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Sand Cast Well: Son Of Nor Kickstarter 

Hnnng. HNNNNNNNNG! HNNNNNNNNNN... Gah! It's no good. I can't move the clementine on my desk using the power of my mind. All I succeeded in doing was bursting a blood vessel and accidentally predicting the next 100 years of winning Lottery numbers. Stupid brain. I want floating citrussy goodness, not creepy eyes and untold wealth. I guess I'll have to instead turn to Son Of Nor, the third-person RPG where you reshape the world with your mental powers. The promising third-person action game of world telekinesis and terraforming has just popped up on the crowd-funding site. The pitch is below.

The most exciting thing here for me is the co-op aspect. A game that lets you yank sand into defensive shapes while tossing flaming rocks already has my attention, but Son Of Nor also has a co-op element, and the powers can be combined. That means you can float rocks for other players to ride on, though I hope it's not confined to puzzles, and you can zap and blast mind bullets together. It's like a physicsy Magicka.

There are currently 37 developer diaries on the game's Youtube channel, if you're interested in watching game development sausage making in action. It caught both Alec and Nathan up in its sand traps, and I seem to be the latest fool to wander into a hole it sneakily dug. I'm definitely cool with that, but please send help. It's sandy.

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