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Satellite Reign, 7 Days To Die, Maia, More Greenlit

The Steam Greenlight machine keeps right on churning, and I have to say: it's getting a little more efficient. Initially, batches of new games were wheezing out in sickly trickles, but now we're getting 15-game shotgun bursts every couple weeks. There's still plenty of room for improvement of course, and it remains to be seen whether or not Valve can keep pushing this pace, but it's good to at least see some baby steps in the right direction. With that said, let's dive into this week's selection. Standouts include Syndicate spiritual successor Satellite Reign, the ever-popular (and hilarious) Viscera Cleanup Detail, open-world zombie sandbox 7 Days To Die, extremely ambitious god game Maia, and quiet, thoughtful ghost romp The Novelist.

What's that heading our way? Can you hear it? I think it's... oh god... it can't b-- [words drowned out by ominous stomping] A LISSSSSSSSSSSSSST RUNNNNNNN FOR YOUR LIIIIIFE.

This really is an excellent lineup. A few - like SWAT team RTS Door Kickers and spookyweird Dungeon Keepery thing Nekro - had previously escaped my notice, but the rest are known bastions of promise. I mean, just have a read of some of our Satellite Reign coverage or find out why Adam is unreasonably excited about Maia. And now, since these are, I suppose, videogames, I'll leave you with, you know, some videos.

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