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Factorio-but-first-person building game Satisfactory launches this month

Early access factory-building

Coffee Stain Studios are probably tired of everyone saying that their Goat Simulator and Sanctum follow-up Satisfactory looks like a first-person Factorio, but I'd say that's a comparison to embrace. A very good thing given a new perspective, plus dune buggies and jetpacks? Yeah, g'wan.

It's been a bit quiet on the Satisfactory front for a while now, other than news that the factory-builder would be an Epic Games Store exclusive, but hot off the production line is this shiny new newsmobile - an early access version of Satisfactory is due later this month.

There's also a extremely fancy new trailer, which features erotic stroking of gleaming conveyor belts. They know their audience.

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EXTREMELY FANCY. I'm so accustomed to building games involving a top-down perspective and itty-bitty mini-folk by now that seeing it all close-up, shining and immense is quite the head-spinner. I guess the aim is to do for production line games what Planet Coaster did for theme park sims.

Satisfactory's early access build launches on the Epic Games Store on March 19, costing £26.99/$29.95/€29.99. Says Coffee Stain game director Oscar Jilsén, “We’re a small team and Satisfactory is a hugely ambitious project which we’ve had our heart set on creating for a long time. There will be bugs and flaws but we’ve reached a point in development where the game is stable enough to offer an awesome experience."

Apparently most of the game is at least prototyped, but we can expect a limited set of features for the early access build, with bug-squishing and quality of life fixes in the subsequent weeks.

According to this here roadmap, towards the end of April and into May, the plan is to expand the feature set - the likes of "sulfur research chains," "conveyor lifts," nuclear thingies and - oh boy! - trains are mentioned. Much later on, a "complete narrative" is promised, but for now expect something fairly open-ended come March 19. It is multiplayer, for up to four belt-strokers, as well as singleplayer, you'll be glad to know.

I'm due to have a looky-look at Satisfactory fairly soon, and will update you ASAP as to how aroused or otherwise I am made by its chrome fixings, and whether or not it lives up to its inclusion on our list of our most-anticipated games of 2019.

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