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Say hello to Imogen Beckhelling, our new news reporter

Hivemind, restored

Say hello to RPS's news reporter! Imogen Beckhelling has joined the team to work alongside Alice O in writing all things news. That includes the kind of daily posts we've always had, covering game releases, big updates and culture stories, but it also means we'll be doing more of the in-depth reporting that we've rarely had the resources to pursue in the past. Come help me welcome Imogen to the team!

Imogen joins us after five months as Eurogamer's reporter intern, during which we were impressed by her work. She spoke to the members of Hollow Knight's community who created a language from in-game gibberish, spoke to Mojang about the future of Minecraft, and explored the cinematography of Man Of Medan with the game's art director, to name just a few.

These are just highlights. There's a bunch more great work by Imogen at Eurogamer, and you can find the handful of posts she's already written for RPS this week on her RPS author page. I can't wait for all the rest to come in 2020.

Please give Imogen a warm welcome in the comments below.

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