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Say hello to Nate Crowley, RPS's new full time features writer

The frog croaks

Much like a football manager (I assume), we here at RPS are always on the look out for fresh talent, especially if that talent a) is a very good features writer and b) you all really liked them and took to the comments to say they were good. So it is my distinct pleasure to reveal that we have hired Nate Crowley full time!

Nate used to be a journalist, but now writes books and is known for doing strange things on his Twitter. In fact, Nate's first book deal came about because he wished his friend Daniel happy birthday for a really, really long, weird time. Nate is probably a familiar name to regular readers, 'cos we hired him to review all the Fallouts, and then actually review Fallout 76. He has also been doing a bizarre and macabre Dwarf Fortress diary series for us, called The Basement Of Curiosity. Thus, Nate's pedigree in being a good writer is established.

Nate is only one of a few new hires we'll be doing over the next months. His title right now is Section Editor 'cos we couldn't think of a more correct one, but basically Nate will be doing a load of weird features, diary pieces and reviews. He'll be at Rezzed, as well, so you can all come and say hello at our mixer. This is exciting! So join me in welcoming Nate, and saying "That joke about carving a mountain into a pair of chimp's bollocks was great, mate."

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