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EGX Rezzed 2019: Join us at the RPS Mixer in association with Fishing Cactus

EGX Rezzed is the UK's loveliest gaming event, attended by gaming's loveliest people - and also the staff of RPS. That's why every year we hold the RPS Mixer, as an opportunity for all those lovely people (and also the staff of RPS) to hang, to chat, to prattle and jabber. This year is no different: we've teamed up with developers Fishing Cactus to hold the RPS Mixer on Thursday, April 4th at the Captain Kidd. Come, join us, and read on for details.

As every year, the event takes place at the Captain Kidd pub just a few minutes walk from the show. The festivities will start from 6pm and we've booked out the 2nd floor of the pub. The drinks can be had for free in exchange for RPS Mixer drinks vouchers, until our money runs out at which point you'll have to get the drinks by exchanging your own pound sterling.

EGX Rezzed 2019 runs April 4-6 at the Tobacco Dock in London, and tickets are now on sale. RPS is there in force with a room of custom controllers, stage presentations, a livestream stage, and more. In fact, we'll be doing a live podcast from 4:30pm on the Rezzed Sessions stage on Thursday. Come to that and we can walk over to the RPS Mixer together afterwards.

This year's sponsors

Fishing Cactus are the developers of Epistory: Typing Chronicles, which John thought was "a really sweet, superbly atmospheric action RPG" controlled by typing on your keyboard. They're now working on a new game in the Typing Chronicles series, Nanotale, which is due out in autumn of 2019. Here's a trailer:

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You can collect drink vouchers for the party by stopping by Fishing Cactus's booth on the show floor.

The other sponsors of this year's RPS Mixer are Bigosaur, developers of action roguelike Son Of A Witch:

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The Multiplayer Guys, who offer "specialist outsource solutions for multiplayer games".

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And Utomik, a subscription service that allows you to play games after downloading a small part from a growing library of over 900 games.

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