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Say No! More invites you to say "no!" in your language for charity

Say "no!" for a good cause

In a world of resigned and begrudging "yes"s, indie game Say No! More invites you to do just that. Stick up for yourself and say "no!" every once in a while. If you speak a language that Studio Fizbin aren't already supporting, they'd like to invite you to say "no!" several times for an in-game voice pack. Thunderful Publishing will repay your performance with a €100 donation (about £91) to charity organization Ditch The Label.

Say No! More is a goofy-looking indie game with Katamari-like colorful, low-poly characters and a similar vein of quirky earnestness. In a world where saying "no" is a big no-no, you've started an internship at a company full of folks looking to take advantage of your willingness to say "yes."

Fortunately, you find a self-help cassette tape that teaches you the power of saying "no" more. "By finding more cassettes, your 'no!' becomes stronger, louder and bigger," say Studio Fizbin. "You face your bullies, inspire other employees, and finally destroy the evil gang of abusive superiors and CEOs."

Since much of the fun appears to be blowing away coworkers with the power of your "no!"s, Fizbin want to include voice packs for as many languages as possible, especially ones not often represented in games. They'd like your help achieving it if you're a native speaker of a language not often heard in games.

"Voicepacks will consist of several specific variations of the word "No!" in your native language, which will be an option that can be selected by the player to voice the main character throughout the game," they say. Audio lines for other characters won't have the same voice packs, but you'll at least be able to hear the protagonist shout "no!" in your native language. There are some other details—file types they'll need you to deliver and microphone specifications—in the application form.

For every voice pack accepted, Thunderful Publishing have pledged a €100 donation to Ditch The Label, an international charity that supports young people in the realms of bullying, digital wellbeing, mental health, relationships, and identity.

Say No! More is planned for release sometime in 2020. You can find and wishlist it over on Steam.

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