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The Weekspot podcast: Outriders wins the Most Alright video game award

Okay is sometimes okay

Ever since the demo failed to wow people back in February, it was pretty clear that Outriders had a ceiling. Not an outrageously low ceiling, but a ceiling nonetheless. Still, even with launch issues a lack of anything extraordinary, it's actually a pretty decent video game.

But, before myself and Matthew spoke about the surprisingly popular third-person shooter on this week's Weekspot, we discussed all the news of the last seven days in Headlines & Hot Takes. It was a bitty week for news, but we did find time to chat about the upcoming Resident Evil Village showcase and the recent reveal of some locations in the game. We also discussed IO Interactive's mysterious third project and what's next for Ian Hitman. Of course, we chatted about the fact there are graphics cards smugglers now, too.

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Show and Tell is full of chat on the aforementioned Outriders, and how it does a lot of things quite well without being incredible. Also, I've put a decent amount of time into Oddworld: Soulstorm, so I tell Matthew about how the modernisation of Abe doesn't include farting. And there's a little bit of time at the end to tell my co-host about all those times I told people to piss off in Say No! More.

This week's Mystery Steam Reviews answers the age old question: New York or Mars. And we round out the show by opening The Weekspot mailbag to answer your Burning Questions on holidays and ini files.

To check out this week's edition of The PC Gaming Weekspot you can listen or watch on this page, or you can subscribe to our lovely little podcast via all of your podcatching apps. RSS feed, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, Pocket Casts, Stitcher, TuneIn, Deezer: take your pick!

If you've got any Burning Questions for us, you can reach us by emailing weekspot@rockpapershotgun.com, or you can stick them in the comments here.

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