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Screenshot Saturday Sundays: canine kickflips, melancholic moons, and dancing death

Weekly gif-ts

Screenshot Saturday! A day to take a look at some games that don’t yet exist, may become entirely different things at any moment, and yet still pique the interest for what they are right now. This week: one Halloween-y pooch, some extremely relaxing stargazing, and a semi-virtual dance off.

Firstly, a very seasonally appropriate gif from Ollie-Oop.

Extremely impressive for a puppy who can’t see where they’re going. Ollie-Oop is a 3D platformer about skateboarding, obviously. “Explore many different levels and hang out with your dog friends and do dog stuff, including collecting bones and sticks, chasing each other, scaring birds, and more!” says Steam. Cute. Ollie is also on the hunt for his pal Reggie, and in the process may both meet other dogs and also end up in space. You know. Dog stuff.

It’s been at least two clear weeks since I talked about taking a nap in one of these settings, but this one has me back to my sleepy ways.

How We Know We’re Alive doesn’t have a website or store page or anything yet so I can only tell you what’s right there in the Tweet, but I’ve watched this like six times now and it’s better every time. I love the bird calls. (I've also mistyped "Alive" as "Alice" multiple times while putting this piece together, so perhaps there is a subliminal call coming from inside the RPS treehouse.)

Finally, a comparative shot of real dancers and the moves shimmied out by death-dealing Felix The Reaper, which is a neat behind the scenes except I can’t see it as anything but a dance off.

Sure, those real dancers are “professionals,” but their heads don’t come off, do they? I think Felix won this one.

As the tweet notes, the game’s out this week on Steam. It’s a puzzly thing about manipulating the world to pop people’s clogs while not getting caught in any pesky sunlight. I played a little of it at a preview event a while ago, and it’s seems as charming as it looks.

Bonus this week is a plea to please make games where you play as grouchy animals the new hot trend.

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