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Screenshot Saturday Sundays: Cosy kitchens, loadsa loot, and glowing greenery

Weekly gif-ts

Screenshot Saturday! A day for celebrating games in progress and alliteration alike. This week: the comforts of a lived-in home, a deep well of rewards, and a whole forest of bioluminescence.

There is nothing better than some good clutter in video games, and this is an especially pleasing example from Minute Of Islands:

According to Steam, Minute Of Islands is a platformy puzzler that follows Mo through a collapsing world formed by technologically advanced giants who have since mostly vanished. Much of the art has this same cosily crowded detail, including outdoors as you can see in the header image. Mo and her very stylish wellies are scheduled to release in the spring.

The other, also good kind of video game clutter is comically large numbers of spawned items, à la this from Vessels Of Decay:

I don’t have anything else I can link you to for this game and therefore it’s light on details, but everything Jakobsson shares from it on Twitter is atmospheric and easy on the eyes, and I think that’s worth appreciating in its own right.

A third good thing: glowy trees, as showcased here in Moonshell Island:

Moonshell Island, per its website, appears to be a game in which you play as a hermit crab who lives inside a coffee mug, which is certainly my patronus. You explore, fight monsters, and build a community with the inhabitants of the island. Those inhabitants appear to include vegetables, anthropomorphised animals, and regular ol’ people, each as cute and colourful as the last.

Bonus this week is presumably from Compendium Of Cuteness, and features both foxes and the good Happy Snake ever-present hands.

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