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QT is PT but cute, see, and it's free


First-person spooker PT, the legendary 'playable teaser' which announced Silent Hills, has inspired hordes of copies, remakes, and rip-offs in the years since Konami cancelled Silent Hills and tried to sweep both under the rug. None have surprised or delighted me nearly as much as QT, a free first-person peeteer released over the weekend by the fella behind Morning Post and Library. As if the peeteer way, it sends us to walk again and again down the looping corridors of a spooky house. Unlike most peeteers, everything we meet is just lovely.

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That's lovely, innit?

QT sends us through the same corridor over and over, a layout copied from PT, to see it change as we loop and loop and loop. In PT this might mean oh no there's a fridge suspended from the ceiling dripping blood or oh no there's a talking bloody bag. In QT this might mean hooray your hallway is now filled with happy frogs or hooray a wee girl is chasing after a happy skeleton. Like Morning Post and Library, it's a charming mix of basic 3D architecture and colourful jiggly 2D sprites.

Happy Snake says that QT is "partly inspired by everyone on the internet thinking I was making cute games that turned out to be horror games, and partly by my fascination with cool 3D environments (like in first person horror games) but without wanting to spook anyone too much."

You can download QT for free from Itch.io. I've still not found half the secrets.

This is promoting a Kickstarter campaign for QT: Compendium Of Cuteness, a collection of adorable games from Happy Snake. As well as QT, it'll pack a game set inside a cute museum and an open-world game where a park ranger will roam around feeding animals and such. They're only looking for £3,200 to cover music from musicpals Zack Alkek and Bensound, a few months of rent and living costs, and other fees. Funds raised beyond this will go on more music, more games, and such.

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