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Screenshot Saturday Sundays: Storybook scenes, missed moments, and rolling robots

Weekly gif-ts

Screenshot Saturday! A day for getting out the crystal ball and peering in for an indistinct look at a future that may come to pass. Also known as a chance to see some video games that are currently development through glimpses provided by their developers. This week: a very gorgeous pastoral landscape, a swing and a miss, and a robot on a mission.

Firstly, just look at this incredible diorama. I can practically feel my stress levels plummeting through the floor.

It was made in FlowScape, a game which is basically just about creating this kind of pretty. It looks like the ideal thing for people (me) who spend hours in The Sims just making people and houses without actually letting anyone live their lives. It’s even better for people (me, again, more) who just want to watch these beautiful creations come to life without putting in the actual artistic work. I am truly hoping this takes off on wholesome Twitch channels when it launches, which according to Steam should be only a couple of weeks from now.

Next, Scarce Tactics, with a distinctly relatable metaphor.

Scarce Tactics’ website is, well, scarce when it comes to details about the tactical RPG, but there’s enough to pique the interest. Namely shadowy robed figures and skeleton cows.

Finally, look at this friend go. Where are they going? No idea, but they sure are hoofing it.

This is Main Assembly, another creat-y type, but this time with the player asked to magic up robots instead of landscapes. You’ll also be able to set the robots you make at singleplayer challenges and multiplayer matches, as well as just oohing and ahhing at them. And yes, they have destruction physics as elegantly displayed on their Steam page, so you can live out all your Robot Wars dreams.

For more peeks at upcoming games, you can dive into the tag on Twitter.

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