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Make pretty, living nature scenes in FlowScape

Or just watch and learn

I wasn't ever one of those people who could just spend hours creating beautifully detailed houses in The Sims or days getting things just right in some FPS level creator, but I sort of wish that I was. So catch me staring longingly at FlowScape, a design ‘em up that launched on Steam this week. I could show you the trailer, but I think this collection of screenshots from its first day complied by the developer is a better sell.

You guys are Amazing! from r/FlowScape

Really, the game’s whole Reddit is a delight, full of people’s creations. Some are using it as a tool to help with immersing their players intabletop games, and others are of course digging into the well of scenes from other games, like this recreation of the Stoneship from Myst.

Many of these players have had quite a bit of practice already from the six months it spent in early access via, encouraged along by themed contests, but it seems the best way to figure it out is to pick it up and try. There’s not a tutorial, but placing plants and animals and buildings and the like is as simple as clicking them where you want them. Which makes for some very satisfying gifs.

There’s also a tips thread, also on Reddit, with some straightforward info about keybinds and the like as well as more delightful hints like “Painting tiny trees will make your landscape look bigger.” Perspective trickery! What's not to love.

You can now buy FlowScape for £11.39/$15/€12.49 on Steam, or $10 on, where there are also a whole bunch more lovely gifs and pictures to ogle.

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