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Secret of Mana remake announced

Now in 3D!

In discussions of "What is the bestest best best RPG ever ever ever?" a few common candidates are relatively unknown on PC, as they were released in the age before almost everything came to PC too. One such game is Secret of Mana, released on SNES in 1993. Well, soon we'll get to be all "Uh, actually, Dark Souls is the bestest best RPG - and yes, I have played Secret of Mana," as Square Enix have announced they're remaking Secret of Mana and it will hit PC. The remake will take Secret from 2D to cartoony 3D, as you can see in this here announcement trailer:

That luck dragon's haircut is dreadful.

Along with bringing the game to 3D, this boasts a "newly arranged" soundtrack and voiced characters. Squeenix are tinkering with the gameguts too, saying systems have "been reworked in an effort to realise a modern action-RPG with improved gameplay". They also note that they've added dialogue scenes, with "several core scenes from the original story now newly visualized in-game". No, I don't know why their marketing descriptions feel like they've been fed through Google Translate.

Secret of Mana is coming to PC via Steam on February 15th, 2018. It'll cost £29.99/39,99€/$39.99.

Hey, you, you with the pocket history of SNES RPGs - what's Secret of Mana like?

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