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Secrets Of Raetikon Launches From The Nest

Like a bird.

I won't be celebrating the unholy union of the letters 'a' and 'e' in Secrets of Rætikon. Ugh. Look at it, flaunting alphabetical law. There's a full three letters between you two in the alphabet, and you'd do well to remember your place! I've been reminded of this horrendous vowel mixing because Secrets of Rætikon has felt the warmth of Spring, and is emerging from its Early Access nest next week. The odd and lovely (and immoral) physics puzzler charmed the pants off that John Walker, and I enjoyed my time with it as well. It's worth adding to your Steam Wishlist if you're in the mood for an atmospheric Alpen avian action thing. Trailer is beneath.

It is a plucky game, and I mean that in a lovely, physical sense. You interact with the world a lot by grasping at it with your talons and beating your wings to move things. It could be levers, tree branches, even rabbits. There's something about fighting the strain with every beat of your wings that I absolutely loved. It's so perfectly weighted that I could happily yank branches off the trees all day. That's what I'd be doing if I were a bird.

It's out April 17th.

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