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See Jumplight Odyssey's chaotic starship management in action with its first gameplay trailer

Tickled pig

Artwork for Jumplight Odyssey showing a princess, her crew and her spaceship above
Image credit: League Of Geeks

Jumplight Odyssey is an upcoming starship roguelite colony sim from the makers of Armello, and when I saw it in action late last year, I was extremely pumped for it. It was formally announced with its very flash animated opening sequence during November's PC Gaming Show Preview stream, but now you, too, can see what it actually looks like in motion with its very first gameplay trailer. Come and have a gander at its spaceship antics - or, if you're like me, just watch the two full seconds of a crew member giving Ham the pig a nice big belly-rub on repeat.

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In the trailer, we get to see the many layered deck innards of the SDF Catalina, the ship you'll be piloting as captain Princess Euphora and her crew attempt to escape the deadly Zutopans and find a new place to call home. Developer League Of Geeks cited FTL, Rimworld and Two Point Hospital as some of their key inspirations when I spoke to them about it last year, and I think you can see all of those references come to the fore in the new trailer, especially with its building sections, hectic space fires and airlock ejections, and, of course, tickling the gosh-darned wiggly belly of Ham the space pig.

We also get a breakdown of the Catalina's different departments, including its engineers, scientists, and combat pilots. The fourth department, which isn't highlighted in the trailer, is your supply crew, who will cart resources around your ship as and when they're needed. As the captain, you'll be issuing orders to these division leaders throughout your journey across the solar system, and you'll be able to upgrade their capabilities by investing in each department.

Alas, there are loads more systems at play here that aren't covered by its 75-second-long trailer, so do go and have a read of my extensive chat with League Of Geeks co-founder and studio director Trent Kusters to get the full-lowdown on what you can expect from Jumplight Odyssey when it launches in early access later this year. Until then, you can also keep track of its development over on Steam.

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