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Senran Kagura Estival Versus brings booby brawls to PC

Please help us find monsterboobs

"I do want to post about Xseed's 'busty brawler' but only if I can find the unpleasant CGI megabreasts someone did a few years back," I muttered in the RPS treehouse today. "They were giant. Individual breasts, just loose skinblobs. They had some terrifying physics simulation going on. Anyone remember those?"

"I don't," our Adam pipes up, "but I am thinking that if you do find this, you should send it to Sos Sosowski to ensure Mosh Pit Simulator doesn't miss out on monster boobs."

"They had an awful leathery texture," I say, back on the hunt. "I watched Society last night so my memories might be somewhat warped by this but I'm sure someone did it."

Ah, stuff it! Hey, so "buxom beat-'em-up" (not my words) Senran Kagura Estival Versus [official site] is coming to PC.

Senran Kagura Estival Versus is the seventh in the series but the first getting a Windows release [incorrect! -ed.] It sees elite ninjas warped through into another world which just so happens to be a sunny beachland, where hot babes with honking bazongas beat the heck out of each other. The dimension also alters the structure of matter, I guess, as their breast tissue becomes some manner of horrifying jelly.

Cover image for YouTube video

That's why I was asking about the giant monsterboobs. Do you remember them? They impressed as technology and horrified as, y'know, leathery disembodied breasts rolling around. You must have seen them. I couldn't have imagined this.

Oh, and Senran Kagura Estival Versus is tied together with visual novel sections. Xseed promise a story "that's equal parts sexy and shocking, serious and scandalous, busty and bouncy."

I want to say that some of the breasts had mouths? Maybe huge, yawning mouths full of doglike teeth? With impressively well-rendered saliva strands?

Senran Kagura Estival Versus will launch on Windows via Steam in March. It'll also include DLC introducing Battle Vixens/Ikki Tousen series.

Please, you must have seen those awful breastblobs. Tell me you have.

John raises this scene from Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex:

Cover image for YouTube video

But no, I'm remembering areola, veins, mottling, the works. Maybe they were GIFs? Backdrop of a black void? Please!

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