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Serious Sam 2 just got an update that adds dual wielding and rocket jumping

Seriously, Sam can hold two of anything

Now now, Samuel, put down the shotgun and open your presents. Croteam are celebrating the 20th anniversary of their Serious Sammy series with some serious updates. The most recent, Serious Sam 4, has just gotten official modding tools for folks to tinker with. Serious Sam 2 has gotten a huge update too, 15 years after its original launch. Sammy 2 now has dual wielding and rocket jumping and 12 new multiplayer maps too.

For Serious Sam 4, Croteam have announced that the latest game update adds the newest edition of the Serious Editor free for all owners of the game. Sam 4 also has Steam Workshop support.

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"Modders have always been the backbone of our community, expanding Serious Sam games with crazy modifications of all shapes and sizes," says Serious Sam 4 project lead Davor Hunski. "Some of the total conversion mods we have played throughout the years were absolutely impressive and have kept our games alive for years." The Sam 4 update 1.08 also adds 19 new playable characters and some bug fixes.

Sammy's birthday bash both begins and ends with homages to Serious series modders which is actually seriously sweet, in my opinion. The newest update to Sam 2 was headed up by Croteam member Nathan Brown who originally started out modding Sammy games ages ago.

"I had some downtime after Sam 4 was released and was looking through the Serious Sam 2 Steam forum posts and I thought the game could use a little love," Brown says. "It's a great game. It's the game that really turned me into a game developer. So I suggested a simple patch." It turned into a lot more than a simple patch, apparently.

Serious Sam 2 now has all sorts of new features, from dual wielding to sprinting to rocket jumping. The update also adds 12 previously unreleased multiplayer maps to cause chaos in. There's a new flamethrower, a BeamGun, and visual updates like upscaled interface textures. Sammy 2 got quite the buff.

Also as part of the celebration, a bunch of Sam series games have gotten a discount. Sam 4 is down by 40%, while Sam 2 is on sale for a tiny £1.39/€1.99/$1.99.

If you happened to miss it, publishers Devolver Digital acquired Croteam in October. They let on at the time that Croteam will be working on more Serious Samuel games in the future alongside a brand new series and another Talos Principle game.

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