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Setting Sale: The Adventure Bundle (In A Box)

Adventure, ho! In the sense of heading out, of course, not issuing a demand to an unimaginative lady of the night. This latest pay-more-or-less-what-you-want bundle to hit the net is a pretty good deal, with seven games for the usual pay-more-or-less-what-you want, including Gemini Rue and a brand new offering called The Sea Will Claim Everything, a bit of charity, and an interesting way to help kickstart a new developer without spending a penny extra.

Invented Velcro, 100m sprinting championship, telling butter from I Can't Believe It's Not Butter - it's true, the Sea really will Claim Everything!

Premiering in this very bundle is The Sea Will Claim Everything from Jonas "I Hope I Spell This Correctly" Kyratzes. It's in the same Land of Dream series as last year's The Book Of Living Magic - a world of crayon landscapes and squiggly storytelling that I've not had a chance to play properly yet, but looks very welcoming and friendly and snuggly indeed.

Other games on offer are more familiar, including what's probably your fifteenth copy of Ben There Dan That and Time Gentleman Please, the superb Gemini Rue, and the ageing but still entertaining The Shivah, the rabbi themed murder mystery, which is worth playing just for its questions based take on the classic Monkey Island insult swordfighting mechanic.

(Which reminds me, I still want to see it done like this one day...)

More like Words Fair, amiright? Come one. High-five? Anyone?

Finally, there are two slightly more obscure releases. The first is Metal Dead, which came out earlier this year and is a fun old-school zombie adventure with a good sense of humour, and 1893: A World's Fair Adventure, which is so old-school that while it uses a few photos, it primarily tells its whole story through something called 'text'. A 'text adventure', if you will.

As ever with bundles, there's a charity connection - for once, not Child's Play. Instead, the money will be going to Perivolaki - The Hellenic Centre For Mental Health and Treatment of Child And Family - a non-profit helping mentally ill patients and their families.

In addition to this, for every 15,000 bundles sold, $2,000 will also be put into a pot labelled "Indie Dev Grant". After the sale finishes, this will all be wrapped up in a neat little bow and handed over to one developer selected by vote to help them develop their dream game without having to make funny videos and dance for coins over on the Kickstarter flesh market.

Games are all DRM free, with Steam and Desura codes available for Gemini Rue, Been There, Dan That, and Time Gentleman Please, and a Desura one available for Metal Dead, which isn't on Steam. Pricing starts at $2.99, dropping as more and more people buy the bundle.

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