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[A Joke About Wangs]: Shadow Warrior 2

Teasy does it

Shadow Warrior 2: Wang Harder. 2 Wang 2 Warrior. Shadow Warrior: The Secret of the Wang. Shadow Warrior And The Last Wang/Raiders of the Lost Wang/Kingdom of the Crystal Wang/Wang of Doom. Judgement Wang. Shadow Warrior VII: The Wang Awakens. Shadow Warrior: The Wang of Ultron.

Wang World.

Evidence points toward an official Shadow Warrior 2 [official site] announcement in the near future (and, hey, isn't E3 in the near future?). I have collected the evidence in a small pile, along with some lint and pistachio shells.

First of all, there's a tweet (I know, I know) from the official Shadow Warrior account that says, and I quote, "Who wants some more Wang?". That tweet also contains this picture.

There's also the fact that the Shadow Warrior site was playing a weird teaser video yesterday evening but it seems to have fallen over now, perhaps because it turned out that a lot of people did want more Wang, so much so that they kept clawing at the URL until it couldn't take it anymore.

Edit: It's working again now and the announcement is confirmed for later today.

OK. That's it. Now that I've lined it up, it's not exactly the kind of evidence I'd want to present in a court of law but it's enough. I'd bet my bottom dollar that Flying Wild Hog are working on Wang right now.

And I'm glad because Shadow Warrior is one of my favourite singleplayer FPS games of recent years. It's the kind of game that someone might refer to as "unapologetically oldschool", even if they've never actually heard anyone apologising for making something oldschool. Calling it an FPS is a bit of a stretch, unless that 'S' stands for slashing. And I don't mean slashing as in 'doing a wee'. The new iteration of Shadow Warrior is silly but it isn't as crass as the 1997 original and even back then you couldn't piss on the baddies. Postal 2 is the only first-person pisser I can think of.

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