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ShadowHand: Regency Solitaire Devs Announce Highwaywoman CCG

Your money or your, uh, hand of cards?

Oooh. You know how happy Regency Solitaire made Adam and me earlier in the year? Its creators Grey Alien Games have just announced ShadowHand [official site], the tale of a notorious highwaywoman and her secret identity, which they describe as a historical visual novel crossed with a collectible card game.

Grey Alien Games' press release says:

"Set in late 18th Century England, we follow the story of Lady Darkmoor, a beguiling young aristocrat who masquerades as the notorious highwaywoman ShadowHand. Fleeing a crime scene and forced to act under the cover of darkness, Shadowhand will stop at nothing to retrieve an incriminating family jewel, and in doing so, safeguard a woman she holds dear."

All of this takes place over 20 chapters and features locations like stormy coastlines, mysterious woods and gloomy manors.

The mention of collectible card games makes it a slightly different beast than Regency Solitaire. Regency Solitaire was all about the solitaire and you would play through challenges to move the story along, sometimes uncovering objects as you removed cards from play, sometimes needing to meet requirements in terms of card combos and point multipliers in order to advance.

Apparently ShadowHand features "Never-before seen turn-based solitaire-style battles" where you play against an AI and the AI's skills and abilities. If I had to guess, maybe you take turns playing cards and using the basic rules of solitaire but you have to strategise so you get the combos and your AI enemy gets as little as possible? But there are also weapon cards where you fire bullets to deal damage or wear hats for protection so.... I DON'T KNOW STOP ASKING.

"Play your cards wisely to collect new weaponry, gear and abilities in your quest to craft the ultimate highwaywoman."

Apparently this will be getting its first outing at EGX which is at the Birmingham NEC on September 24-28th. I am not at EGX. Everything is ruined.

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