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Trine Devs' Shadwen Will Launch With Nifty Level Editor

Shadow pricing

Shadwen [official site] is an upcoming stealth platformer from Trine creators Frozenbyte, which also has a focus on physics-based frolics. Interestingly, it adopts a nifty time-manipulation mechanic where time only moves when you do - similar to Superhot - and at launch will come with the same level editor the developers use.

Shadwen will task the eponymous assassin with offing a king, only to inadvertently stumbling across an orphan named Lily. She decides to tag along, and suddenly killing loads of guards in her presence seems less of a good idea. Which is why the ability to pause and rewind time should come in super handy as you rely on a mixture of stealth and more forcible ways to best your foes - such as flooring them with a seemingly endless supply of tumbling crates.

When Shadwen pounces from the shadows of development at an unspecified time later this year, it'll also come with the same level editor that Frozenbyte use themselves. Here, you'll be able to edit existing levels, create entire new ones and share whatever you come up with via the Steam Workshop. In a blog post, Frozenbyte say they've assigned a team to work on some user-friendly tutorials that'll help players learn how it works. However, this brief video demonstrates what we'll basically all wind up doing: blowing things up, repeatedly. Gotta love those physics.

In what became a sort-of meta game, Frozenbyte recently released a demo and said that the more people played, the lower they'd make Shadwen's launch price. That event is now finished, settling on a $14.55 launch price tag - down from a $35 starting point. This will remain in place for the first week or two post-release depending on the platform, say Frozenbyte, but will rise by 15% thereafter.

I'm yet to give Shadwen a bash myself, but it looks really interesting. While the demo event is finished, the is still playable. Find it on Steam, GOG, or the Humble Store. Here's another look at the most recent trailer:

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