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Shenmue 3 Smashes Records, Finishes On Over $6 Million

If I had 6 million dollars for every sequel I wanted...

And so the unassailable Kickstarter hall of fame receives another member. Perhaps this one will actually ever be released? Shenmue 3 [Kickstarter] has finished its monumental run on the crowdfunding service at $6,333,295, making it far and away the most-funded game project and the sixth most on the entire service. The next slot up is the mighty(?) Ouya at over eight million, so not exactly close. Now begins the long, slow process of getting disappointed development with release still planned for December 2017.

Several development members did a Q&A livestream as the final dollars came in, which you can see the archives of here. They talked of a continued crowdfunding effort through Paypal, which will likely appear in a seperate update on the Kickstarter page soon. It would be impressive but unlikely for them to go on the full money train ride of Star Citizen unless they decide to start selling different types of skin for the main character. Stretch goals will go a long, long way to attracting more backers however, especially as the project moves out of the prototype phase and into something playable and watchable.

The bulk of the development costs will still be covered by Sony.

Quite how much financial input Sony will have is currently unconfirmed.

I think it pretty likely ports of the first two games will be made for at least the PS4, and hopefully also for PC. I wasn't one of the 63 people that bought a Dreamcast so I don't have first hand knowledge, but I'm told they hold up in some areas but are laughably dated in others, beyond obvious graphical issues.

Here's the original pitch, if you missed it:

Anyone pitched in beyond the basic game level? What caught your eye? Should noobies such as myself be excited? Let us know below.

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