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Shoot a lot of future robots in Terminator: Resistance this winter

Dun-un dun, dun dun

Termie's quite a busy robot these days. The nonspecific robot skeleton has been popping up in other people's fights with startling frequency lately. Need someone to help chainswordgun an alien bug in half in Gears 5? Terminator's there. Bashing interdimensional martial artists in a bloody tournament with cold, metal fists in Mortal Kombat 11? Yeah, sure, a gruffer Arnie-shaped Termie's there too. It's probably about time ol' T got his own game and stopped mooching off others.

Well, cor blimey, they've only gone and announced Terminator: Resistance, haven't they?

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No surprises here. A singleplayer FPS, Resistance looks like a straight-up Homefront with killer robots, with you and your rag-tag team of flesh-havers facing off increasingly dangerous flesh-have-nots. There's a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles to side-quest through, levelling up yourself and ranking up through the resistance. They also hint at multiple endings, depending on whether you're keeping your scruffy band of underdogs well-fed and bullet-hole free.

Sadly, Resistance does that very modern Terminator thing of forgetting that the best flicks in the series were all about small-town robot crime than a post-apocalyptic hellscape. Do we just have cultural amnesia over how much of a shade-wearing gun-toting butch icon Linda Hamilton was (and, frankly, still is)? Who's this damp slice of bread you've got headlining?

It all looks rather shoot-by-numbers right now, but I'm ready to be pleasantly surprised. They don't quite make naff licensed games like they used to, and it's almost certainly better than that utterly rubbish Terminator: Salvation 360 game my brother picked up way back.

Terminator: Resistance treads ominously onto Steam on November 15th in Europe and Australia, December 3rd in America. Bit weird for a downloadable game, but that's the line we're getting for now.

It's made by Teyon (who made Rambo: The Video Game) and published by Reef Entertainment.

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