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Odd Checkout Action In Free Game Forever

A very odd supermarket

It's Minimum Wage Week at Rock, Paper, Shotgun! I mean, sure, why not? That could be true.

Yesterday I posted about a cyberpunk call centre game, and this morning I've been working a checkout in Forever [official site]. It's a free game with an endless queue of customers to ring up, fiddling with objects in awkward physics to find and scan barcodes, while wondering "Wait... do we even sell bloody knives or did they bring that themself?" It's a fine few minutes of fun.

We're stuck behind the checkout in the Strawberry Fields Supermarket, scanning an endless stream of items. Grabbing them, rotating them, and passing them on is awkward, of course, but what makes it more than another 'ho ho look at these wacky physics objects!' for me is the monotony tempered with silliness. Customers start out buying regular things like eggs, jam, wine, and beer, but soon you're also scanning oddities like baseball bats with teeth stuck in the tip, grocery Katamaris, holdalls filled with money, and the truest indicator that something is Uh Huh Yep Defs Serious Capital-A Art For Real: Magritte's not-a-pipe.

I won't spoil all the strange things.

You can choose not to scan them, of course. You can fling items at the customers before you, cartoonish low-poly characters, but they'll only be picked up and added back to the conveyor belt. And heaven help you if you knock your radio over, as that muzak-blasting horror will loop around forever. And do take a look up from the till to check out some of the customers you're serving.

Forever was made by three of the folks from delightful collective Klondike, namely Flex Roman, Loïc Perillier, and Pol Clarissou. That Klondike lot seem to be behind quite a few games we've enjoyed lately. I've got a soft spot for 'em, I must say.

You can play Forever in a browser with the Unity plugin over here, or download it pay-what-you-want for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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