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Shoulders Of Giants is an action co-op game about a frog riding a robot

An Epic Games Store exclusive arriving in autumn

Guns and swords are a useful combination, so imagine having a gat-toting frog riding on top of a blade-wielding robot. That’s essentially the cut and thrust of Moving Pictures Interactive’s roguelite co-op action adventure Shoulders Of Giants, coming to the Epic Games Store later this year. They’re not quite a 21st century Banjo-Kazooie, but they’ll do in a pinch.

Shoulders Of Giants is a mech-amphibian action adventure.Watch on YouTube

This is obviously a sci-fi game, what with the frog in a space suit that's piloting a robot. Moving Pieces say that “the forces of Entropy are spreading chaos through the stars, corrupting living planets and urging on the heat death of the universe.” Crikey, sounds serious. Better get our best frogbot on it, then. The frog and robot team is led by a psychic owl, who’s far too reminiscent of Virgil from the Mighty Max cartoon to not give me flashbacks.

You can play Shoulders Of Giants solo, piloting the robot and controlling the frog-turret simultaneously. There’s also the option to team up with a pal, with one of you spawning as the frog and the other transforming into the ‘bot. Well it wouldn’t make any sense if you both controlled a leg each of the frog while the mech just sat there, would it? Apparently, there’s a four-player co-op mode too, though, so I’m guessing there’ll be two frogs and two robots in that one.

Moving Pieces have included a load of loot to collect, ranging from grappling hooks to standard explodey grenades. That should vary things up a bit from just hacking and shooting. There’s a “never ending ride of randomised levels” set on a variety of colourful planets to blast and slash your way through.

Shoulders Of Giants is out in autumn this year, with no price attached yet. You’ll have to get it from the Epic Games Store if you’re hopping mad for it, because it’s an exclusive.

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