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Shovel Knight developers announce Mina The Hollower

Hit its Kickstarter goal in under a day

The creators of retro platformer Shovel Knight have announced a whole new adventure, drawing inspiration from different classics this time. Mina The Hollower is its name, and retro action-adventure with Zelda and Castlevania influences is its game. Like with Shovel Knight, Yacht Club Games are partially crowdfunding Mina through a Kickstarter campaign, and in less than a day they've already passed the goal. Have a peek in the trailer.

Cover image for YouTube videoMina the Hollower Announcement Trailer

The eponymous Mina is a member of the Hollowers, a group who study the earth and have special burrowing techniques. Something's gone wrong with the generators she invented to bring her world posterity, evil is spreading, and Mina will need to go adventuring to restore the generators by exploring and bashing baddies.

Yacht Club say, "Smooth 60fps action combat, a world full of mystery and horror, and top-down adventuring combine in a mix that may remind you of classic titles like Castlevania, The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, or even Bloodborne."

They launched a Kickstarter campaign alongside announcing Mina yesterday, and have already passed the goal so it's happening. If you want to chip in extra, pledging at least $20 would get you a copy of the finished game. Yacht Club Kickstarted the original Shovel Knight so they have experience with crowdfunding.

Yacht Club took Shovel Knight to Kickstarter in March 2013, and released the game in June 2014. Then it took until December 2019 to finish the many, many stretch goals for bonus campaigns and bits. They followed it up with the block-matching puzzler Shovel Knight: Pocket Dungeon in December 2021, and have spin-off Shovel Knight: Dig still to come. Then, Mina.

The official release date is "TBD", though the estimated delivery time for backers is December 2023. Either way, hey, a Steam page is up to follow.

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