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Six Ages looks every bit the King Of Dragon Pass successor in this teaser

But where are the ducks?

King Of Dragon Pass is one of that games that speaks to me like no other. It is all of my favourite things blended together. It is a generator of sagas. It’s part tribal management game, part Choose Your Own Adventure romp, and it was doing a lot of what Crusader Kings 2 has become known for way back in 1999. I’m beyond excited, then, about the announcement of a spiritual successor from the some of the first game's creators: Six Ages. Check out the teaser trailer below.

The actual announcement happened all the way back in 2014, but who remembers what the world was like that long ago? Six Ages is due out this year, however, so let’s start talking about it again. It sounds a lot like its predecessor; managing and placating your tribe, dealing with gods and monsters, and chatting to your helpful roster of advisors. Even the brief glimpse of the UI calls to mind Dragon Pass. The world itself might be recognisable too, as we're returning to Glorantha.

Between the start of Six Ages' development and now, King Of Dragon Pass got a fresh coat of paint and a re-release on PC and mobile. The improvements are minor and it was begging for a more full-featured update, but it’s still the definitive version, and less than a tenner, to boot. It’s on Steam, and well worth a punt if you’d like to see why Six Ages is a rather exciting prospect. You can also still get the original edition bundled with the new one on GOG, where it's a lot cheaper.

Here’s a snippet from Alec’s King Of Dragon Pass review:

"King Of Dragon Pass might look simplistic and even a little cheesy, but it is enormous, smart and fiendish. Choose your own adventure writ at the grandest scale, and a chance to tell your own history, not a mere legend. While the ‘new’ version is only a baby step towards technological contemporariness and cuts far too many corners on PC, it is nonetheless a more accessible improvement over its 90s ancestor, and most of all it’s a very good excuse to embark upon one of the most rewarding, compelling and tragedy-strewn adventures you’ll ever have."

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