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King Of Dragon Pass Arrives Expanded On Steam

Return of the King

"Many games claim to offer choice, but railroad you into making the same ones always," we told you revisiting King of Dragon Pass [official site] last year, "or offer a simplistic binary option, tethered to game-oriented notions of 'pick a reward', monochrome extremes of kitten-petting-versus-baby-eating morality, or both ... It’s a rare game that captures the complexities of leadership without getting bogged down." The tribe-leading RPG-ish strategy game does well.

We were looking back at the original 1999 version, which was available on GOG. Now a new version has arrived on Steam, a port of the revamped mobile version which includes extra content.

This updated version comes with 48 new scenes, 4 new illustrations, new advisors, bug fixes, and a mildly less punishing economy. It's £8.99 from Steam.

The launch has been a bit sloppy, though. It had a problem with missing executables, requiring a little fiddling to play it. It's also missing some extra (extra) content from the iOS version, containing the new bits from Android but missing more scenes that are on iOS. "Steam users will get all additional content in the future," the developers say. "There are some technical difficulties in porting iOS update to PC. Nothing critical but it takes time. Working on it already."

The port sounds a bit barebones too, with slim options and no mousewheel support, and opening lore pages in Steam's overlay rather than in-game.

It is still chuffing King of Dragon Pass, though. And the original's still on GOG for £3.89 anyway. Some of the original dev team have regrouped to make the KotDP-ish game Six Ages [official site] too.

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