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Skeletal Dance Party bops out this Halloween

Do the skeleton shuffle

As reanimated corpses go, these skeletons don't seem particularly malicious. But they do have trumpets.

I've spent the past 15 minutes hopping about in the demo for Skeletal Dance Party, an upcoming dungeon crawling bopping adventure from Catalope Games. I've taken my first steps towards organising the biggest party the world has ever seen.

Yep, that's the goal. My undead pals are so happy to be alive(ish) again that they can't keep that feeling to themselves. They want to have a party, which means I've got to romp around a dungeon zapping squires and recruiting their reanimated remains to the dance floor. It's simplest to just sic my troupe on those party-hating dullards, but I can also pelt them with magic orbs or telekinetically hurl tables at them.

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Look at that energy! That pzazz! Just the thing for a Monday morning.

The demo only includes the first chapter, which doesn't ask you to do anything more complicated than summoning up skelly pals and sending them to gut members of "the Temple of Righteous Light". I'm pretty sure those are the baddies. They are trying to stop you from partying.

The full game will have puzzles, and various spells for taking out minions yourself when your army is busy boogieing. There's also a skull that does jokes, so I guess we'll see more of him.

This is the sorta-sequel to Skeletal Dance Simulator, a more sandboxy affair that inexcusably escaped RPS's attention three years ago.

Skeletal Dance Party will be out on Steam and presumably Itch this Halloween, for an as yet unknown amount of monies.

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