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Skywind 0.9.6 Video Shows New Details And Weapons

Wet 2: Wetter

Bethesda have a press conference planned for this year's E3 - their first ever - which means it's likely they've got more to talk about than merely some new DLC for The Evil Within or a new trailer for Wolfenstein: The Old Blood. What will it be: Fallout 4? Elder Scrolls 6? Wet 2? I hope it's Wet 2.

And not solely because I don't want all the hard work of the Skywind mod team to go to waste. Come see their latest trailer, which shows some of the most recent modelling and environment work that's happened in their efforts to port Morrowind to the same engine as Skyrim.

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That is some nice music, but don't be fooled by the "0.9.6" version number in the video's title. Skywind is both a long way from done and not currently available for public download. As the mod team explain:

Hey everyone. Many people are getting excited that this is so close to a 1.0.0 release. This happens with each update video. Please be aware that this project basically started at 9.0.0, so think of this as the 0.6 release. If you look back, 0.9.5 came out all the way back in October. We are working hard as usual, and we don't want to crush anyone, but I hope this puts things in perspective. These updates are not an accurate measurement of the progress on the project. When a release is nearing, or a beta, we will have more information for you. Thank you.

I'm enjoying these Skywind trailers for their own sake, because I have no particular affection for Morrowind but like landscapes and mod projects. Yet here's what tends to happen: a mod is started that aims to bring an older entry in a game series to the most recent entry's fancier, flashier engine; a dedicated team of volunteers work on it for years, grappling with such a huge task; as they continue their work, an entirely new iteration of the series is announced, released, and the mod project is forced to either continue in obscurity or start over from scratch.

Will Skywind fall foul to this common event, and would you play it anyway if you had the choice between it and Elder Scrolls VI: Elsweyr?

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