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Sludge Life 2 is bringing back open world vandalism

Sludge Life 1 is free on Steam for the rest of the month

Sludge Life is skidding back into our grimy little lives with a sequel, Sludge Life 2. Just like the first, Sludge Life 2 is a sticky graffiti vandalism sim set inside a funky lo-fi open world. You’ll be running about, snapping pics of chain-smoking crabs, tagging graffiti spots around the city, and just generally having a super chill time, yo. Developer Terri Vellman and music producer Doseone are back behind the scenes, and if you want a taste of the slime (ew), Sludge Life 1 is free to keep until March 31st. On Steam, that is.

Cover image for YouTube videoSLUDGE LIFE 2 | Coming to PC in 2023 | The Search for Big Mud Begins!

The first game was all about sticking it to the man and ripping down corporate overlords, but the sequel is bringing things closer to home. Big Mud (the famous frog rapper) is missing, and his best friend Ghost (you) is on a mission to find him. The open world is set in the Ciggy City Suites, a lux multi-floor hotel filled with anthropomorphic oddities - trippy frogs (or toads?), gnarly flies, and hype beast orcs are your new best friends.

Sludge Life 2 will have three times as many NPCs as the first game, whether they’re shit-faced friends looking to party hard or greasy corporate stooges. Spray can aside, Ghost is now equipped with rad new tools, such as his double jump-enabling trainers and a portable launcher that lets you fling into the air. I also spotted a handy glider in the trailer, just in case the GLUG corporation catches you vandalising their property and you need to make a quick escape by, err, jumping from the balcony, let's say.

Apart from that, the Steam page screenshots depict one scene where you slide through a tunnel, leaving behind skidmarks as you trail down. That should be a pretty good taste test to see if you're into this sort of thing - without actually having to taste it, I mean.

I’m into the series’ 80s vaporwave, kind-of-grunge aesthetic, although I haven’t picked up Ghost’s spray can for myself yet. The trailer’s heavy, throaty hip-hop beat has me sold, though, so I’ll be downloading Sludge Life 1 while it’s still free. Also, check out the game’s official website. It contains all of the links to wishlist the sequel, but the game’s irreverent style bleeds over. Spoofy corporate popup ads are there in full force.

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