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Rewind: Small Radios Big Televisions Becomes Full Game

Reel world.

Put some sticky tape over the little write-protect indent, because Small Radios Big Televisions is returning for a second go, this time as a full game. The original browser prototype charmed John with its bold colours and the clean environments through which you floated, poking at machinery, unlocking doors and discovering and delving into the world's conjured by cassette tapes, but now there's a trailer for an expanded release.

It says it "May contain content inappropriate for children," but I think only so far as they might not know what cassette tapes are.

Cover image for YouTube video

The prototype had a little something of Vector Park's work about it. Much like in Windosill, it's a game about poke around oblique environments in order to puzzle out progression, but the pleasure comes from the delightful vignettes you discover more than challenging your logic.

True story, but Alice started writing this post and then had to go swim in a pond, so here's a nice paragraph she wrote:

While I remember the original demo focusing on natural distortion and decay of magnetic tape, I do wonder where the full game might go. What does a dub world look like? What about a world given the treatment of I Am Sitting in a Room or The Disintegration Loops? Or tapes recorded poorly over old signals, leaving ghostly traces of what was there? Maybe it dabbled in that and I've forgotten, mind.

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