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Smash four different robots into other robots in whip-fast roguelite Morbid Metal

Robots in even more disguise

The trailer for Morbid Metal from tonight's Future Games Show had a lot of metal (the music genre) and metal (the stuff you make blades out of). Morbid Metal is a hack 'n' slash, but the difference here is that you have four different mech lads at your disposal, and you can morph between them whenever you like. This real-time switching means Morbid Metal moves very quickly. You might think hyphenated phrases like "high-octane", "action-packed", and "fast-paced" are moving in the direction of this game, but buddy this is going at such speed that they're already here.

Morbid Metal is, like most games these days, set in a post-human future. You fight "hordes of deadly machines" against a backdrop of the ruins of humanity, that ruin being in a distant enough past that nature has started to reclaim things. Robots, of course, are harder to grow over, especially when they're running about so much.

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Each of the characters you can turn into has their own moveset and special skill to deal out swift metal justice. The trailer shows a heck of a lot of aerial juggling, with the player switching between a samurai-esque character with a long sword, a slower one with what kind of looks like a massive straight razor, and another who resembles a transformer with guns. Crash these cereal-box-worthy figures into robots and big smashy bosses - but beware the slightly proc-gen world!

You can upgrade characters and their skills, but the roguelite kicker is that if you die you lose access to a bunch of that (possibly characters too? The Steam page is unclear on that point).

My confession about this is that I think the action looks cool, but kind of weightless. I love the concept, though, and there's obviously a story behind what actually happened to humans. Unless there isn't, and the game just goes "Dunno meht, robots innum?" - which I would actually have a lot of respect for. Look out for this one at an indeterminate point in the future; no release window as yet.

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