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Snow! (Snow!) Open Beta's Now Go-o

Get yr ski on!

It's only two years ago
The man with the suit and the face
You knew that he was there on the case
He wasn't in love with you, not in love with you
My love is like a high prison wall
But I like to tit about in snow and fall

Snow! (Snow!)
Open beta's now go
You've got the power to know: you're free for some downhill, always believe in
Because you are Snow! (Snow!) glad that I'm done with this because I'm awful at this whole 'song parody' thing good grief let's get this over with, I'm sorry, what a mess.

Remember Snow [official site] (Snow!)? The ski 'em up launched onto Steam Early Access way back in 2013, charging a couple of squid to scooch around while developers Poppermost Productions worked towards an eventual free-to-play launch. They're now far enough along that they've stopped charging cash money and launched Snow into a free open beta. That's... that's what the whole song was about. Snow's open beta is now live on Steam now, okay?

Snowboarding and snowmobiles are next on the docket.

Graham (suit, face, and all) found the early Early Access version he played ropey for something which cost money, but that was two years ago.

I'm certainly up for a free snowventure, and downloading it now. Edinburgh's snow was all too brief, and I want more. You know what I could really go for? A walking mode, where you prat about on the slopes and get to enjoy stumbling and slipping and sliding down on your arse. I paid the price of a new pair of jeans for that fun.

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