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So I Want To Be A Hero! Quest For Glory I to V On GOG

Twas only yesterday I was letting everyone down by wishing for more Space Quest instead of more Quest For Glory. But as if the mighty Horace felt the need to restore balance to the universe, have just announced they've released all five of the classic Sierra adventure/RPGs for ten bucks. Sure, it's not a new one, but you try getting the original versions working.

That's four really decent and one slightly less decent games that were pretty damned innovative in their day, which even let you take one character through all five. Something that so closely resembled a point and click adventure, but had meaningful RPG decisions, was almost unknown. Certainly the reverse - RPGs that had adventure elements, were extremely common, but this was something else.

The fourth was definitely the series' peak, but why not play through the previous three first, to take that character through? Oh boy, I wish I had time to do that. And the package contains both the original EGA, and the VGA remake, of the first one, just in case you're not feeling that retro.

I am pleased about this.

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