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Some guy called John Walker launched a new website

Who is this guy?

When John left RPS, I wrote in his goodbye post that it was his reviews that I'd miss most. It's a good thing for me personally, then, that John has just launched a new website. Buried Treasure is a blog on which John reviews "undiscovered indie gaming gems", and there's a Patreon where you can help it carry on.

The welcome post sums up what it's about. Basically: finding games that aren't getting the attention they deserve, and then writing about them. This is obviously part of our mission at RPS, too, so liking one might mean you like the other. If you're hungry for new games which do new things outside the mainstream, then there are already a bunch of articles waiting for you on the Buried Treasure site.

There are no ads on the site, which means it's Patreon support that will determine whether the project continues. There are reward tiers outlined on the Patreon page, including a monthly newsletter and an extra article each week.

Bit of a day for launching new websites, it seems.

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